The pass-happy play calling is a concern. The injuries are a concern. The defensive secondary is most definitely a concern. But never did we think the Eagles’ offensive line would be a concern.

Carson Wentz was under siege Sunday afternoon on many of his 50 pass attempts. He was sacked four times and hit 11 times. As Brian Westbrook documents in this video breakdown, Jason Peters was partly to blame and is, suddenly, a big reason for worry:

“Yo, I’ve never seen this. Literally, the first time I’ve ever seen this happen to him. Someone’s gonna get hurt.”

That someone, obviously, is Carson Wentz.

Peters gets annihilated on the play, and it’s noteworthy that Westbrook, who played with Peters, is the one delivering the critique. This isn’t Joey from Passyunk Avenue emotionally overreacting to a bad play, or me screaming at Jalen Mills when I’m not privy to scheme and coverage responsibilities. This is an established NFL veteran taking a measured and unbiased approach in diagnosing a glaring problem.

Of course, the head coach could probably help his 36-year-old left tackle who is coming off a significant knee injury by, you know, running the ball.

Just thought I’d add some more gloom to your morning.

Enjoy your miserable Monday.