This might be old news if you swung down to South Philly for the Flyers’ season opener or a Sixers preseason game, but the Wells Fargo Center improvements are finished. Done. Good to go.

When you come down to see either team (plus the Wings), you’ll find that 8,000 seats were ripped out and replaced and the entire mezzanine level was redone with new flooring and decor. There are 150 LED screens that will show you whatever game is currently taking place while also listing menus at each concession area. Additionally, crews replaced 2,800 feet of paneling on the north and south sides of the arena with brand new glass and the luxury suites were pretty much rehauled. The sound system was replaced and I’d love to get some Pantera going through those speakers at some point this year.

Media, business, and PR folks were invited to the Center last night to preview the new upgrades and taste some of the new food offerings, which include:

  • 11th Street Landing: Lorenzo’s pizza slices, soft serve ice cream
  • Section 218/Mite Bites: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Section 219/Skyline Bar: Flyers and Sixers cocktails, bottled water, antipasti station
  • Section 220: Chic Fil A Chicken Sandwiches
  • Section 221A/Sweet Spot: soft serve ice cream in Flyers mini helmets
  • Section 222A/Chickies and Pete’s: mini crab fries w/ American cheese drizzle
  • Section 202/Line Change: BBQ pulled pork sliders
  • Section 207/Butcher Burger: chicken burgers
  • Section 209/Spring Garden: vegetarian poke bowls
  • Section 215/Spectrum favorites: popcorn boxes

I have to admit, I didn’t spend a ton of time walking around the Center last year, because Sixers writers basically just live in the bowels of the place where the media room and press seating and locker rooms are located. But the Skyline Bar on the south side of the arena has a very cool “open” vibe that gives you a view of the city behind the counter.

Photos after the jump:

A large portion of this level now feels wider and more accessible, which was designed with the idea of making it spacious and social for fans.

Here’s another angle of the Skyline Bar, which shows you the new flooring and windows:

Pretty cool, right?

There’s also a bar up at the very top of the building between the highest level south side suites. Gritty was up there taking photos with attendees, who could not get enough of him. They just cannot get enough of Gritty.

As for the food, I went around and tried to sample everything in the name of journalism.

This is what the vegetarian poke bowls look like. I think this is just a miniature version for media consumption, but it’s got quinoa, onion, tomato, and peppers in there. This isn’t something I’d normally order but it tasted pretty damn good, if we’re being honest:

You can find the chicken burgers over at “Butcher Burger” in section 207.

There’s a BBQ version I believe, which is on the left, and a regular version. The regular version was really good. Pictured in the middle are sweet potato fries with a sprinkling of that stuff you put on funnel cake. Powder? Sugar powder? Whatever it’s called:

Here’s a really artsy photo the BBQ pulled pork sliders you can get at “Line Change” above section 202.

They’ve got a bit of a kick, but they’re tasty:

And these weren’t listed on my sheet of paper, nor were they available to taste test, but they had a couple of the Aramark nacho bowls out on display.

The one on the left is vegetarian and the one on the right contains brisket, but both feature gouda cheese, pickled jalapenos, chilies, and sour cream:

Here’s another pic that I would put on Instagram if I was a food blogger.

It’s the chicken burger, poke bowl, and sweet potato fries:


Everything tasted great.

The upgrades look very nice.

Should be a more enjoyable experience overall at the Center this season.