The Sixers could use some help on both sides of the court.

Jimmy Butler is still out there, and today we got conflicting reports from Shams and Woj about his status with the Timberwolves.

Shams says Butler is sitting out tonight’s game again Utah as part of the process to force a trade from Minnesota:

It’s a home game against the Jazz, and the Timberwolves last played Monday, which was also at home, so it’s not like Butler should really need any precautionary rest just a few weeks into the season. It’s not a road trip and it’s not a back-to-back.

Woj, however, seems to suggest that’s exactly what’s happening, after the jump:

Hmm.. interesting. Shams is definitely getting his info from Butler’s camp. Woj is getting his stuff from Thibs and company.

Coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, Butler is coming off his best game of the season, 32 point outing against LA. He’s averaging about 22, 5, and 3 this season on 50.5% shooting and has knocked down 48% of his three pointers. The Wolves are 3-4.

I don’t how much the Sixers’ potential assets interest them. Markelle Fultz probably possesses more value as a point guard right now, if he possesses any trade value at all. Taj Gibson is 33 years old, so maybe have a bit of interest in Dario Saric as a younger power forward. Robert Covington would play the same position as Andrew Wiggins. They aren’t exactly in “blow it up” mode, but they aren’t a Western Conference powerhouse either. It’s a cold sort of purgatory up there.

Either way, it’s something to think about. I don’t think the Wolves and Sixers are where they want to be right now, even if we’re only three weeks into the season.