A week after an unbelievable fourth quarter collapse to the Panthers, the Eagles go across the pond to London to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday morning. This is also the team’s last game before they bye week.

The Eagles are favored at -3, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: The Eagles aren’t back. They’re not that good compared to last year. And they’re going across the pond to London to play a team that plays there every year. The Jags are used to this, the Eagles are not. It’s gonna be a long two weeks. Jaguars 23, Eagles 17 (Jaguars +3).

Jeff: I’m tired of picking the eagles. But this is probably the season, folks. If they can’t beat Blake Bortles and a depleted, demoralized Jacksonville team then who are they gonna beat from here on out? I think it will be ugly but this time the defense holds a late lead. Eagles 20, Jaguars 13 (Eagles -3).

Mike: ???

Tim: ???

Coggin: OY! Both the Eagles and Jaguars are complete plonkers this year and should set back football decades in London with a firmly unentertaining game. God save the Queen from another year of Blake Bortles trying to convince Londoners that he really is a professional athlete in the NFL. Eagles 17, Jaguars 14 (Push).

Phil: The most ridiculous narrative of the week is this idea that Jacksonville has some advantage in this game because they have played in London numerous times before, like going to London and playing there is some Herculean task. Trust me, the Eagles aren’t really suffering here. It’s only a marginally longer/more arduous trip than going to Seattle or Los Angeles. It’s not like there’s a language barrier. They’re not flying middle seats in coach. The food they’ll get there will be great. I have been to London and to Wembley — it’s a fine stadium in one of the world’s greatest cities. Everyone should be so inconvenienced.

As for the game, I’m not sure how Jacksonville scores more than 20 points with their QB situation. The Eagles will get untracked, enough anyway. Eagles 27, Jaguars 20 (Eagles -3).

Anthony: Two teams in a bit of a free fall will go at it, but only one of them has real internal strife. The other is just not as driven as it once was. But, that should make for a good game between two desperate teams, neither of which can afford to go to 3-5. The difference is, as bad as the Eagles have been offensively, they’re still better than the Jags. It’ll be a low scoring game, but the Eagles will prevail and head into the bye week trying to figure out how the hell to go 6-2 in the final eight games. Eagles 20, Jaguars 12 (Eagles -3).

Bob: The Jags have been terrible against NFC opponents, going 23-39 ATS against NFC teams since 2003. Blake Bortles, specifically, is 4-12 ATS against NFC teams, including 2-4 ATS since the start of last season when Jacksonville became competitive. Any way you slice it, the Jaguars’ performance against out of conference teams has been poor. The Eagles are also 6-1 straight-up in their last seven games coming off a loss.

Bortles has been atrocious against the spread versus NFC opponents, hasn’t fared well against teams coming off a loss, and is playing poorly. Wentz, meanwhile, is going up against a defense missing three starters in its secondary and the Eagles have excelled lately when coming off a loss. Throw in the success of favorites ATS in neutral site games, and that’s enough to get me firmly behind Philadelphia. Eagles 27, Jaguars 19 (Eagles -3).

Russ: I’ve said all along that the London game is going to be unpredictable. The thing Jacksonville has going for them is the knowledge of how to prepare for the travel. On the flip side, the Eagles don’t know what they don’t know. I’m hoping this is a shootout, but JAX is a week removed from benching Bortles. Here’s hoping the Queen’s Guard has an opening at left post so Jason Peters can stay on the other side of the pond. Eagles 37, Jaguars 17 (Eagles -3).

Kevin: I don’t know what to make of either team at this point. Eagles whatever, Jaguars whatever (Push).

Kyle: Jaguars corners are all hurt and Carson Wentz is playing better than most think. Eagles 24, Jaguars 17 (Eagles -3).