Crossing Broadcast: RADIO WARS with Harry Mayes

Kyle and Russ welcome Harry Mayes to the show to discuss his parting of ways with 97.5 the Fanatic, the pros and cons of working in terrestrial radio, reminiscing about past partnerships, the popularity of Bruno & Mayes, and what the future holds in store.

Harry can be found on Twitter (@harrymayesTU) and is part of the ownership group for the @DownloadScene app.

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Audio after the jump:

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15 Responses

  1. Terrestrial radio is more popular than ever before. Just ask Howard Stern, he left terrestrial radio and look where he’s at. I’m sure he regrets it.

    Bruno and Mayes was the best show, even better than Mike Miss.

  2. Conor owned Khabib in the stair down. Conor wins by KO late in the second.

  3. It’s all about chemistry. If it’s not the perfect storm/combo, it sucks. I was so all over Hooters, Jug Handle, brew pubs and other on-site shows with Harry and Tony, it was a party mid days. The Dos XXX stories of them in Vegas and the refillable cup was gold. Ah, can’t live in the past. “Must see TV” on Thursdays is dead and gone. Looking forward to new horizons. What up, I’m ready for some hockey action yo.

  4. Harry failed on 97.5 because he wasn’t 4 for 4. You gotta be 4 for 4 in this market, Cuz.

  5. So 975 was going to partner Mayes with Farzetta next week, but they never met or spoke to each other. That show is setup for disaster.

    Mayes was great on the podcast. Great behind the scenes insight.

  6. I was wondering if you would take down the post describing everything Harry said. Struck me as strange that you are trying to get people to download the podcast but then transcribed the whole thing.

  7. Bruno’s greed and massive ego that keeps him off the air. It’s a shame, because Harry and Bruno are the best.

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