Eagles Friday: Hamstrings, Biceps, and Stealing Plays

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

No glasses today for Doug Pederson, who wore a polo shirt and St. Andrews golf hat to Friday’s press conference.

The Birds will have nine days off before the next game, a home tilt with the 3-1 Carolina Panthers, who play the Redskins this weekend.

Notes from Doug’s presser:

  • Jason Peters biceps injury: gathering more tests, more information, had a brief meeting with medical staff and early indication was “positive,” kind of a “day to day” thing
  • will take all things into consideration with Peters, who is also dealing with a quad injury in addition to bicep (question was about maintaining his overall health)
  • Lane Johnson battled through his ankle injury, great players can play through pain and injury and he’s one of them
  • Sidney Jones will continue to be evaluated, “probably more of a week to week” thing with him (hamstring injury suffered last night)

  • backup linemen Jordan Mailata and Matt Pryor are coming along well, getting a lot of reps and doing a nice job
  • On Rasul Douglas: coaching staff will take a look at him playing safety moving forward. “He’s capable.” Also have Deiondre’ Hall and Tre Sullivan with the team, who can be coached up with nine days to prepare for the next game.
  • Saquon Barkley is a special talent, big, powerful, elusive, tough to tackle.
  • on taking the Alshon Jeffery screen pass touchdown play from the Patriots: “offensively we’re always looking at plays, you catch something on TV.. it fits who we are, sort of what our DNA is offensively.”
  • on Jalen Mills’ skill set and what makes him effective in the red zone: “(he and Ronald Darby are) physical guys who can use their hands to redirect routes, able to clamp on…both guys have proven that being down there is critical and they’ve made plays”

The Birds are 3-3 heading into the weekend and sitting atop the putrid NFC East. Washington gets the Panthers at home while Dallas hosts Jacksonville in what should be a battled of offensive juggernauts.

Enjoy your weekend!

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11 Responses

    1. Anything not cut pasted or lifted from others Twitter feed?

      Any upcoming live podcast parties at deli’s that don’t sponsor you any longer ?

  1. Funny story, a few years back the Cuz was out with some smokin hot chick, she told him he needs to wear a rubber… the Cuz chuckled and said “sorry baby, but they don’t make rubbers this big”… then he whipped it out. She was so turned on she said she didn’t care about the rubber.

    1. And even funnier Cuz story…..a few weeks ago the Cuz had a morning gig. It sucked because he sucked. So, 97.5 demoted him and has him working the lunch shift now! Then, a guy from Trenton called him a fat tub of goo on the radio! Hilarious story!

  2. The Cuz is crushing it on mid days. Honestly, I listen to middays more than mornings and afternoons. I get 90 minutes for lunch and I listen to the Cuz for all of it. Like most people I either listen to Stern or music in the morning.

    1. I totally agree. The lunch break slot is the best. What’s better than eating a hoagie and chips in your car listening to the Cuz?

  3. So last night I’m at a bar on Passyunk Ave watchin the Birds and The Cuz walks in with an absolute 10. Like real hot. 23 year old. Just prime meat. So we’re watching the game, drinkin’ some Millers and cheering for the Birds. 4 for 4, you know. Eagles win. Everyone goin nuts havin a good time and all. Cuz is like the center of attention, taking pics, selfies, giving his take on the game, etc. His chick is eatin it up.

    A few minutes after the game ends, Cuz disappears. I’m like this dude just bounce on his bar tab what’s up? I go to take a leak and what do I find the bathroom? Cuz straight up drillin this girl raw dog I mean just nailin her. Cuz pulls out and finishes on her back, he’s at least 10 hard. Cuz is the man!

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