Everything You Need To Know About The Sixers’ New Uniforms

Yesterday, product shots leaked from a retail location that appeared to show the Sixers’ new “City” edition uniforms.

I spoke with Sixers President Chris Heck earlier today and he confirmed to me that these are in fact one of the Sixers’ new uniforms for 2018-2019. Zack Lowe appears to have had an exclusive to break the news and the story behind them earlier. The Sixers have since unveiled the look themselves, up a few days from when they intended to do so.

So why grey? Why the sweatsuit look?

It’s an homage to Rocky. And with Creed II debuting in November, yet another movie in the series shot in Philly, the Sixers actually worked with MGM to time the launch of the jerseys around the movie’s debut.

“When Hollywood shows up in Philly, that’s a cool thing and we should celebrate that as well,” Heck said.

The grey look, which actually comes in a different material than the current uniforms – breathable cotton, Nike style – evokes the Rocky thing without going overboard. Heck told Lowe that Nike wanted to do a series of three Rocky-inspired uniforms, but the Sixers felt anything other than imagery associated with the man himself would be disingenuous. So, we get these grey kits, which will also come in a white version for the Sixers “Earned Edition” uniforms that are granted to all teams that made the playoffs the previous season. They’ll debut those on Christmas.

The decision to use the Sixers’ secondary mark on the jerseys was intentional, as Heck noted that they wanted to own the authentic grey sweats category with something a little less overt while still immediately recognizable as Philly.

The waist-band is a nod to old-style boxing belts.

Last year, Nike debuted a set of four uniforms for each team – Association, Icon, Statement and City edition  – the former are the Sixers’ White, Blue and Red uniforms, respectively, while the City editions will be replaced each year, which means the popular parchment style jerseys the Sixers wore late last season and into their playoff run(?) won’t be coming back.

For now.

The NBA has weird rules around changing uniforms that really aren’t worth diving deep into, but the Sixers will have to wait two seasons until they can reintroduce that popular getup by replacing either the white, blue or red ones.

So, jersey total: This year the Sixers will wear their white, blue and red uniforms along with the grey and white versions of this new Rocky theme.

Next year, they will introduce a throwback uniform.

I like the look of these Rocky-style ones much better actually on a player than just in a product shot. What do you think?

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11 Responses

  1. The Eagles make a trade and you’re posting over it with a story about “new uniforms” The Soy is strong in you

  2. Ugh. You don’t even know that they are the Sixers. Maybe the Tuck Tapers, or Rocky’s Bullwinkles. One day, I’d like for them to bring back original 1963 unie, or the one from 1970-71, which said “Seventy-Sixers” on them, but in red. Or the one from 1971-76, but in black. Right now, they are the “Suxers”. Don’t think an A.I. would be caught dead in these

  3. They look like some K-Mart knock offs.

    Rocky is cool and all, but really? A fictional character from the early 70s is driving the design of our basketball team’s uniforms? The whole Rocky thing is getting a little stale in my opinion.

    I wonder how much the Sixers are getting paid by the Creed II production team to promote their movie.

  4. I caddied for that cheap prick Villanova alum, Chris Heck at an outing once. And, much like the Dali Lama, he stiffed me. Nothing for the effort.

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