Eytan and Harry have been busy since leaving 97.5 the Fanatic.

Harry is doing the podcast circuit and probably enjoying a few vodka-crans on the sectional.

Eytan has been jumping 97.3 with Mike Gill and company in South Jersey.

Now the pair are rolling out a new show called “Derailed,” which is exactly what it sounds like: Eytan and Harry going off the rails. Only this time they’re allowed to do it without Matt Nahigian calling the studio to “get it back to the Eagles.”

From Eytan:

I like the premise. The best radio DOES take place when conversations go off the rails, or, in other words, they naturally just go in another direction. You don’t need to talk about the Eagles 99.999% of the time, believe it or not.

Anyway, I like it. Nice to see both guys just rolling out the conversation without worrying about a bunch of bullshit over their shoulder all the time. It’s kind of like working for a small and independent sports blog.

Listen to the full episode here: