If you watch college football, you know Mike Gundy as Oklahoma State’s longtime head coach.

If you don’t watch college football, you know Mike Gundy as the guy who once yelled, “I’m a man! I’m 40!

He was at it again this weekend with another solid rant, this time in response to a question about outside criticism of his senior quarterback, Taylor Cornelius:

The verbatim is good for a laugh, after the jump:

“I could give a rat’s ass about Twitter (fart noise). It’s a platform for people that are sitting at home drawing an unemployment check, sitting in front of a keyboard (fart noise). I’m not disregarding what you’re saying, trust me, I get it in my own house, but I just kind of feel like social media and Twitter is what’s destroying this country anyway. That’s how I feel about it, from politics to sports to whatever. It gives people a platform to bitch, and then other people are like, needling it, and they’re sitting at home and they’re late on a payment. So, anyway, that’s how I feel.”

I tend to agree with Gundy. I enjoy Twitter less and less every day, especially with all of the political shit that I just cannot filter out of my feed no matter how hard I try. One of these days I’ll delete my account and go live in the woods in Bozeman, Montana and become a park ranger or a botanist or something similarly hermit-like.

Anyway, Oklahoma State knocked off #6 Texas over the weekend, booting the Longhorns out of 1st place in the Big 12. Go figure that you beat your bitter rival Oklahoma in a big game but end up losing to Okie Lite a few weeks later.