Apparently eating and drinking is not allowed in the NovaCare Complex auditorium, where the Eagles hold their weekly press conferences.

Displaying initiative and vigilance, Howard Eskin has been monitoring the situation, sharing a few pictures with us on Twitter that show clear and obvious violations of the policy by media member(s) who have yet to be identified.

Exhibit A:

Hmm, well it’s not Merrill Reese, Paul Domowitch, or Dave Zangaro, who are pictured in front of the coffee. Merrill could probably bring Kentucky Fried Chicken into the press conference and no one would say a damn thing, since he’s Merrill.

Exhibit B is after the jump:

Howard does have a point. You could accidentally kick this drink over and spill coffee on the carpet, even though it has a lid on it. If the coffee is somewhat full, it will still come out of the drinking hole. Seems safer to put the drink in the cup holder, which is shown in exhibit A.

Anyway, Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice turned the tables on Eskin yesterday and may have caught him in an act of hypocrisy:

Kempski in the video:

“As you can see, NovaCare auditorium narc Howard Eskin is chewing some kind of substance, meaning that he has brought food into the auditorium and he is a terrible hypocrite.”

Good response by Jimmy, but Eskin parried and lunged back with a riposte:

I looked through the Eagles media guide and could not find a policy disallowing food and drink in the auditorium, so maybe it’s an unwritten rule or just written down somewhere else. I don’t know if gum counts as food in that regard, but if Howard is munching on gum in that video, it looks like he’s got an entire packet of Big League Chew in there.

Kempski’s riposte to the riposte:

A strong rebuke.

I won’t take a side in this fight since members of the Kinkead household have previously worked with both Kempski and Eskin.

I will recuse myself.


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