“Get off the Leash and Bite Somebody”

Kyle Brandt is good at calling it how it is.

Here’s another accurate “pump up speech” –

“Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna beat the Jags. You’re gonna win that bad division. Because when no one believes in you is when no one can beat you. This is not the end of Marly and Me, this is still the beginning of a dynasty. Now get off the leash and bite somebody.”

More or less, however –

The disappointing thing is going right back to the disrespect card and the worn out “underdog” thing. The most rudimentary self-motivator is all this team knows. “Dynasties” transcend this entry-level type of thinking.

Time’s yours.

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3 Responses

  1. Sucks this season is a wash. If they lose Sunday they should look to unload Uncle Tom Malcom Jenkins, Michael Bennett and BG.

  2. Nick Foles has a $13.6 million cap hit this year, Peters has $10.6 million and Sproles is at $1.4
    That’s $25.6 million cap space for 2 players who probably won’t play again this year and 1 36 yr old player who has played poorly through injuries. And you wonder why we have no depth this year when injuries stared to mount? We had injuries last year too, but but the difference was that we had cap space to add depth. I love fucking Howie, but he needs to separate his heart from his head. Never sign players over 30

  3. Again with this bad take on the underdogs thing? You realize we ARE still underdogs right? You’re right… Dynasties don’t act like that… because they’re dynasties. Where you’re wrong is that we’re far from a fucking dynasty. So if the underdogs angle works, you use it

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