Dave Porter I think his name is?

Or is it Portnoy? Dave Portnoy?

He does that one website.

Anyway, he appeared with Gritty yesterday for a segment reviewing pizza at some place in New York City:


“You got scumbag Philly people doing scumbag things.”

“It’s like hey, we stink, JVR is back, we ship him out, he’s back, he stinks, let’s get a goon in to distract people or, in fact, we throw batteries at people because we can’t win a hockey game. We lose by 100 goals to Pittsburgh every year. So let’s get a googly eyed dude. That’s what Philly does.”

“If my team stunk I would get a sideshow named Gritty as well.”

I have to admit that I did laugh at those three lines, and while the Boston Bruins have been the better hockey team than the Flyers, at least we didn’t get our asses kicked 7-0 last night by the Washington Capitals.

We’re headed to the Stanley Cup Finals this year and it begins tonight with a demolition of the Golden Knights out in Vegas.

Go Flyers.