JOB OPENINGS: Betting Content, Video Editor

Hello, we’re hiring.

Two positions, for now.


Betting and sports content

Looking for someone who can write well, speak coherently, and appear on video to generate content targeted at a national audience about betting and at a local audience about sports.


Skills required:

Must have experience as a quality, self-sufficient writer who can turn in clean copy and knows the basic tenants to Journalism, which is what we do here.

Must have a deep understanding of sports betting, lines, odds, and the ability to conduct superior research and analysis well beyond being just a jackass who knows sports. But if you’re also a jackass who knows sports, fine.

Must know Philly sports, as well.

Self-styled NBA expert.

Someone who can speak in clear English sentences for the purpose of appearing on podcasts.

Must be comfortable and embrace appearing in video distributed to tens or hundreds of thousands of people who will look to you for wisdom, intellect, and then most likely shred you to pieces in the comment section.

Must have thick skin (see previous requirement).

Technical proficiency with basic web tools and recording and editing programs.

Knowledge of SEO or other online marketing tactics, and a history of building an audience, is a bonus.

Availability to occasional work nights and weekends and be willing to step up when the situation arises.

Your experience must be something other than “I like sports” — you must have prior samples to show for all or most of the above.




Comfort in a startup-small business environment

Ability to work from home or make daily commute to an office (still deciding)

Engaging personality

Excellent work ethic

Position: Full-time

Compensation: Entry to intermediate level


Video editor and producer

Looking for someone to shoot and edit in-house video for the purpose of generating multiple pieces of daily content on every social media platform.


Skills required:

Ability to shoot video with professional camera and lighting equipment, because we’re mostly ugly and will need help in that regard.

Prior experience editing videos, bonus if for a social setting. Though we get many of you have shot weddings, please don’t send us wedding videos unless they were edited for the ‘Gram.

Graphics, audio and formatting knowledge.

General knowledge of sports and their basic concepts, terms and framing.

Willingness to appear on-camera a bonus.

Also a bonus if you have other digital marketing skills.

Availability to occasionally work nights and weekends, sometimes up to one day per week.

Must have prior samples to show.



Comfort in a startup-small business environment

Ability to work from home or make daily commute to an office (still deciding)

Excellent work ethic


Position: Contract or full-time

Compensation: Commensurate with level of work


How to apply

OK, this is your first test. If you can’t figure out how to send me an email, you are unqualified for the position.

Send an email, including a little bit about yourself – a resume if you have it is fine – but please include links to your publicly available social profiles and any prior relevant work and content.

I may not be able to get back to everyone, so if I don’t, we are genuinely appreciative of your interest.


CB Sports LLC is an equal opportunity employer, so we welcome applicants of all backgrounds. Unless you’re a Mets fan.

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34 Responses

      1. My question is why did they block out Gargano’s face in the pic? Let me guess, the Cuz was being his typical slobbish self and probably had half a Primo’s hoagie hanging out the side of his mouth! 97.5 was do right to demote him!

  1. Look at the diversity in this small company. A group of liberal white men that love to scream about social injustice on other white people that come here to read. … ITS CALLED PROJECTING

  2. I bet these losers spent a lot of Friday and Saturday nights in high school playing Wizards and Warriors!

  3. Bwanks thinks he is so cool! Like he gets the most women out of this crew! This clown needs to be fired by Kyle ASAP , he is stealing all the women! Kinker looks like he rescues animals and goes to I hate trump rallies!

  4. Availability to occasional work nights and weekends
    When was the last time someone on this site actually worked on a weekend? There is usually a post sometime on Friday afternoon, then nothing until Monday morning.

  5. Kyle is such a tool. Have fun ‘running’ a company… this blog or website or whatever it is, is literally shit. You hired people and the content has gotten better, but worse. Better, because your voice is gone, but worse because you are so cheap, you can’t afford real writers. Figure out your identity; you fake Nova fuck. Either sell cheap crappy shirts, or write content that actually means something. This site is proof that a Nova diploma is a joke!!!

  6. Looks like a sausage fest, I’m out. BUT… If you wait a couple months, there should be a lot of diversified racial and gender ex-sports professionals entering the job market.

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