A portion of Lakers “fans,” if you want to call them that, aren’t thrilled with LeBron James.

Last night LeBron missed a pair of free throws in overtime that resulted in the Spurs knocking down a go-ahead bucket on the other end of the floor and ultimately winning the game, sending the Lakers to a third-straight loss to begin the season. I now believe I should have bet the under on total wins for a Los Angeles team that cannot defend.

If you stumbled into the deepest and darkest crevices of social media overnight or this morning, you probably came across the same outrageous stuff I did regarding LeBron, who apparently is not as good as Kobe Bryant and never will be.



I agree. They must trade LeBron while he still has market value.


It’s true, he’s focused on making movies and shit, which explains why he only dropped 32, 8, and 14 last night.


He’s better than Kobe.

More lunacy after the jump:


I will.

You can’t trade Lonzo? Bruh.


No it didn’t.

Agreed. Trade LeBron. To the Sixers for a first round draft pick.

A sentence I never thought I’d read.