Lenny Dykstra May Be in Some Trouble…Again


In what is an unfortunate but completely unsurprising development, Lenny Dykstra was indicted today by a Union County, NJ grand jury for possession of cocaine, possession of meth, and making terroristic threats, according to TMZ Sports. Dykstra was arrested back in May after an incident in which he allegedly pulled a weapon and threatened to kill an Uber driver.

Dykstra, for his part, doesn’t seem particularly fazed by the indictment. To go along with a recent series of religious-themed tweets, he also posted about his visit with a rabbi this afternoon:

He doesn’t look well, man. Dykstra has since posted several messages of support from his followers since news of the indictment broke.

I’m sure there are some jokes to be had here, but his fall from sports icon and successful businessman to…whatever you call this is just kind of sad, so I’ll pass.

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26 Responses

  1. I am throwing out a challenge to that little coward who called in to the Cuz today and called him a fat tub of goo. I will meet you anywhere anytime to defend the honor of the Cuz. Everybody loves the Cuz. He didn’t deserve that.

    1. I will be right there wit you Sax. Fuck that caller. God bless Jerry who called in right after to set the record straight.

          1. Thanks so much to the both of you above. I made a boatload of money off of ticket sales and PPV for what everyone know would be a terrible fight but thankfully all the attention turned to you two carrying on like savage idiots after the fight.

  2. Yeah, this happened in Linden. My question is wtf was he doing in linden lol. Place is a semi sh!thole. It’s not thought of as a place to get drugs. A couple towns over in Elizabeth, Newark you definitely can.
    I find it funny he was in linden nj, of all places, haha. Then stick up an uber haha

  3. Screw up once and maybe you get a free pass from people. However, Lenny has time and time again proven himself to be a self-absorbed, degenerative piece of shit based on what he has done to others. Not that I’m wishing for it to happen, but I’m wondering who dies first…..Lenny or Iverson. Both just live that self-destructive lifestyle and you wonder who it will catch up with first.

  4. Ok The Cuz sucks. Face it people he’s a fraud.

    Lenny news is Sad. I wish he could get the help he needs.

    1. Who is Stern? Oh the guy with the same demographic as Cataldi? I am 25 and only know him from America’s Got Talent, never heard his radio show and never will, you old sack of shit

  5. Gata say the Cuz handled it like a pro. When that loser called him a fat tub of goo live on the air today, the Cuz just laughed it off. No harm no foul. Plus the next caller showered him with the love he deserves. We all love the Cuz.

  6. What’s with this pussy hater calling up the cuz with the insults? Would love to hear it and break this cowards face

    1. They need to be quicker on the delay button. How did they let that get on the air? That piece a garage who called the Cuz a fat tub of goo needs to be taught a lesson. You mess with the Meat Locker Nation, you gata pay.

      1. what piece of the garage is he? the door? the handle? the pulley? come on, Tone, be specific man!

  7. Why does anyone still care about this man? He was/is a horrible human being, when he was a player here we didnt know the entire picture but now we do. He needs to be ignored like the rest of the vile trash our society disposes of.

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