By now you know that people are morons, but if you need another example, look no further than the reaction to Jemele Hill’s new career move.

Hill, formerly of ESPN, is now going to The Atlantic, a website that publishes content on culture, politics, and sports:

Morons, apparently unable to read, mistakenly thought Hill was going to the THE ATHLETIC and threatened to cancel or start their subscriptions.

Moron 1:

Moron 2:

Moron 3 is whoever wrote this Twitter blurb for USA Today Sports, which does not match the linked headline:

There are more examples out there.

But just so we’re clear:

THE ATHLETIC is the paywall sports site featuring guys like Derek Bodner and Sheil Kapadia here in Philly.

THE ATLANTIC is a culture/politics/race/sports/etc website which now has Jemele Hill on the staff.

And CROSSING BROAD is Philadelphia’s sports leader, featuring high-profile contributors like BWanks and Kinker.