The Red Sox won the World Series last night. I’m absolutely certain that nobody outside the city of Boston, except for the posers who adopted the team because they liked Good Will Hunting, actually care about this development. But they did indeed win. Again. And thus, we can now officially turn the page to the hot stove season and commence HARPER WATCH 2018™:

EVEN ODDS. Obviously, this is important because we all know the most accurate way to determine the destination of a big-time free agent or trade target is by checking the favorite of the latest betting odds. It always works.

LeBron to the Sixers. Kawhi to the Sixers. Manny Machado to the Phillies. Lock city.

The real proposition is this: What are the odds that OddsShark finally gets one of these right?

In other Harper news, agent Scott Boras recently joked that his client’s next contract is already a done deal:

Welcome to the offseason, where it’s more interesting than the actual games.