RADIO WARS: Harry Mayes Says Farewell… For Now

Posted a few minutes ago:

The vibe of that makes it sound like Harry isn’t done with radio just yet:

“I will be considering other options and keep everyone informed via my Twitter feed… perhaps we can do it all again down the road?”

Hmm.. yes, perhaps. Perhaps we can reunite Bruno and Mayes and get Jose from Norristown to produce the show.

what up?


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  1. He is funny and has a very diverse sports knowledge. He will land on his feet, good luck to him.

  2. 1. The whole cuz schtick and sound drops need to stop. It was a demotion. Cant go barreling into the midday show.
    2 . They use a fucking dartboard for the morning show?
    3. If Harry had stayed who goes, Bob?
    4. Eytan. Sup Wip? Who are you replacing?

  3. Never forget running into Harry and Bruno in Vegas years back . Harry gave me a Thursday night college football winner . Said he was heading up to the room to get involved in some voka and crans

  4. His best partner was bruno they were like PB&J they were perfect together and after the duo split it was downhill for him . Its kind of funny the guys that annoyed me at 975 aren’t there any more

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