Sorry/not sorry for the clickbait headline, but now that I’ve got you here, we can move the Harry Mayes and Anthony Gargano saga forward.

A short time ago, Jason Myrtetus addressed Mayes’ departure as he and fill-in host Joe Staszak wrapped up the midday show.

Here’s the audio:

Jason didn’t sound too thrilled to be paired with the Cuz, did he? Maybe I’m just hearing things, but I dunno.

It’s true that they’ve known each other for a while, which Myrtetus explains in that clip. He went on to add that he did one show with Gargano over at 94 WIP, which he recalls as a 2008 New Year’s Eve gig.

Here’s what the new lineup will look like at the Fanatic:

  • mornings: Marc Farzetta, Tra Thomas, Bob Cooney, producer Jamie Lynch
  • middays: Anthony Gargano and Jason Myrtetus, producer Andrew Salciunas
  • afternoons: Mike Missanelli with Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf
  • nights/weekends/etc: Devon Givens, Eytan Shander, Lynch, Joe Tordy, Joe Staszak, Dei Lynam, that off-brand eSports show
  • broadcast rights: Sixers, Flyers, Temple football


Personally, my favorite Fanatic lineup was some time back in 2010 or 2011 I want to say, which is when Mike and Mike was syndicated locally, but it was Bruno and Mayes middays, Missanelli afternoons (with the crossover), then Dan Schwartzman in the evening before Tony would be back on for Into the Night. I might have my timeline just a bit off, because I know Tom Byrne and Nick Kayal were in there for a bit too, I just can’t remember when.

Anyway, I was a big Bruno and Mayes fan, but that’s just like, my opinion man.