RADIO WARS: “There’s No Other Way to Put it. It Sucks”

Sorry/not sorry for the clickbait headline, but now that I’ve got you here, we can move the Harry Mayes and Anthony Gargano saga forward.

A short time ago, Jason Myrtetus addressed Mayes’ departure as he and fill-in host Joe Staszak wrapped up the midday show.

Here’s the audio:

Jason didn’t sound too thrilled to be paired with the Cuz, did he? Maybe I’m just hearing things, but I dunno.

It’s true that they’ve known each other for a while, which Myrtetus explains in that clip. He went on to add that he did one show with Gargano over at 94 WIP, which he recalls as a 2008 New Year’s Eve gig.

Here’s what the new lineup will look like at the Fanatic:

  • mornings: Marc Farzetta, Tra Thomas, Bob Cooney, producer Jamie Lynch
  • middays: Anthony Gargano and Jason Myrtetus, producer Andrew Salciunas
  • afternoons: Mike Missanelli with Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf
  • nights/weekends/etc: Devon Givens, Eytan Shander, Lynch, Joe Tordy, Joe Staszak, Dei Lynam, that off-brand eSports show
  • broadcast rights: Sixers, Flyers, Temple football


Personally, my favorite Fanatic lineup was some time back in 2010 or 2011 I want to say, which is when Mike and Mike was syndicated locally, but it was Bruno and Mayes middays, Missanelli afternoons (with the crossover), then Dan Schwartzman in the evening before Tony would be back on for Into the Night. I might have my timeline just a bit off, because I know Tom Byrne and Nick Kayal were in there for a bit too, I just can’t remember when.

Anyway, I was a big Bruno and Mayes fan, but that’s just like, my opinion man.



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  1. Gargano is awful. The morning show is awful. Farzetta is a great guy but that show won’t register much. WIP will have the same problem when Angelo is gone so may as well try and put something in place.

    Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I listen to podcasts now. This city talks about the same shit, every day, all the time, non-stop. Even when Nova plays well not a peep. They can’t cover baseball. Hockey should never be discussed anyway.

    Terrible radio in this town.

    1. Your an idiot and your lack of sports knowledge is evident.Anthony gargano is Philly through and through and the best talk show host in Philly. Gonna miss the meat locker

  2. That Bruno and Mayes show was the best . There was nothing like treating myself to a hoagie with a side of chips for lunch and turning that show on .

  3. i agree. i really liked tony bruno/mayes (and his war with mike miss was funny) Anthony with jason sounds like a disaster. it wont last

    1. I never understood why they got rid of that crossover. Those were some classics. Isn’t radio supposed to be entertaining? The MikeyMiss/Harry & Tony crossovers were certainly that. Some of them even went on 15 minutes into Mike’s show.

  4. Sports talk radio and talk show radio is dead. turn 97.5 into a country station

  5. Bruno mayes show was the BEST… really liked harry w Jason too recently. Dude cuz is going to be the lead w his fake shtick and condescending attitude. My guess he tries to be missenelli and Jason forced into sidekick like he was on miss show. W Harry and Jason seemed equal.. this is just a terrible decision

  6. Are these all just cost-cutting moves?

    Myrtetus’s lack of emotion is almost certainly about his disappointment at not getting to continue working with Harry (not a lack of enthusiasm about working with Gargano). Can’t blame him – that’s a gut punch. It dies suck.

    And he says that he’s no longer in management? When did that happen???

    1. I wanna say Jason was functioning as the assistant program director after DeCamara took the nightside gig over there years ago. Joe started in management before he was on the airwaves.

  7. I am available for middays. Low food and housing costs, just somebody needed to cut the lawn over me. Still more lively than the Cuz!

  8. Why would ANYONE want to work with Gargano?

    He is

    1. Spot on. He is an embarrassment to the city of Philadelphia and to the medium of sports talk radio.

  9. Eytan needs to move out of this place. He’s wasting his talents. Mosher and Shander were their best duo.

  10. I also thought Harry and Bruno were the best. I remember emailing Harry that his show with Tony should be 4 hours. he replied he wished I was in FAN’s management.
    However, I HATED the Missanelli and Bruno cross over because it was almost always contentious, almost always caused by missanelli and I turned the radio off,
    I guarantee the ratings for the new morning team will NEVER exceed the ratings (albeit low) of Cus and group.
    Best of Luck Harry!!!!!!

  11. Gargano? Back already? I feel bad for Jason having to deal with that fat douche.

    I think he tipped his hand and showed his disdain by saying he will be a pain in the ass. I hope he punches that turd at some point.

    That said he will probably just resign out of the cold one day because he can’t stand dealing with that fat f**k.

    1. Because radio stations all over the East Coast are clamoring for Martinez talents. The only reason why Harry was let go is because he cost more than Jason. He had been there a long time and with salary increases he was definitely being paid more than Jason. He was offered a diminished role at the station but that also meant a salary cut when his contract is up and that is obviously soon which is why the change was made. The whole thing is so baffling. Ant agrees to a buyout and then returns. If he stays through the completion of his current contract his next one will be less because he was demoted. I guess this is no different than a football player agreeing to a cut to stay with his current team. Also that player who was once a starter becomes a back-up. That is the same as being replaced on the morning and put at middays. Something had to be up because the station never removed his likeness and name from website and were still running commercials featuring Ant for advertisers. They contacted him and reopened negotiations and he realized he had no other options.

  12. MEEEEEEEEEAT LOOOOOOOCKER MID DAYYYYYYYS BO! Hell Yeah Call up Baldy and the boys!!!! Time to get the Primo Hoagie wagon all gassed up Bo! Heheheheh hahahhhaa YEAH BROTHA! Get the Telestrator warmed up Baldy we gotta lotta film to break down over the air waves! Now I can finally take little Ant and Mossimo to school in the morning and bang out a quickie with MCDubbyou! Man life is good Bo!

  13. Cannot listen to Tony Bruno. He is horrible. I turn off the radio every time he is on. Feel bad for Eytan, he works his butt off all the time and this is the thanks he gets.

  14. Can we just put Gargano and Missanelli back together like the good ol’ days at WIP? That was the best pairing for both of them by far. Their attitudes balance each other out.

  15. Can I move to afternoons as well so I can continue to kiss Cuz’s ass and agree with everything he says? Please.

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