We already know that the Raiders fleeced the Cowboys by sending wide receiver Amari Cooper to Dallas in exchange for a 2019 first-round draft pick. While no other team was apparently prepared to match that offer, the Cowboys reportedly weren’t the only NFC East team interested in acquiring Cooper:

Well then.

There has been varying reports in recent weeks regarding the Eagles’ level of interest in adding a wide receiver to the mix, so the obvious news here is that, if the report is true, the team was (IS???) prepared to make a significant investment in upgrading the position.

Certainly, nobody can fault the Eagles for refusing to part with a first-round pick, but in light of Silver’s report, it will be interesting to see if and how Howie Roseman counters as he tries to add some firepower to what has been an underwhelming offense through seven games. A second-round pick should, in theory, bring back a difference-maker. While he’s out shopping around, maybe he can also find a deal that helps an Eagles defense which has generated only six takeaways this season. Maybe an All-Pro talent who is disgruntled in his current situation. Maybe:

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