The Hottest Take

Angelo Cataldi

Presented without commentary:

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15 Responses

  1. … Reading the comments section..

    The cuz this
    The cuz that
    The cuz and the other

    Blasts thick ropes
    Blasts thick ropes
    Blasts thick ropes

    10 inches full bore
    10 inches full bore and THICK

    I saw the cuz
    4 for 4

    1. Ropes and loads, ropes and loads, I gotta have me Cuz’s ropes and loads. 14″ full bore without the crabs! 97.5’s outta cash better call the Arabs… Ropes and loads, ropes and loads, I gotta have me Cuz’s ropes and loads.

      1. How pathetic is Gargano when he couldn’t put a dent in Angelo’s ratings. Angelo’s show in the morning is just awful….zero originality to it! Same hosts doing their same old thing while the on-air interviews are with the same guests every week saying the same stuff over and over again. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. Yet it still dominated Gargano?!?! Gargano is awful and now he plays the sidekick of a lunch show! Hahahaha

  2. Nobody listens to 94.1 anymore unless it’s for an Eagles game. Angelo has been irrelevant ever since the Cuz smoked him in the morning ratings. Now the Cuz moved up to the prime lunch time slot and is dominating again.

  3. Everyone in this comments section is so jealous of The Cuz

    If you were swimming in women and shot thick ropes outta your 12 inch hog, you wouldn’t be here either. But you ain’t.

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