Adrian Wojnarowski just popped up on my TV, talking about his report that the Rockets are offering four first round picks for the services of disgruntled Timberwolf Jimmy Butler. And yes, I watch “Get Up,” so sue me.

What’s the Philly connection?

Well, apparently the Sixers may still be in the mix.


“The other team to watch in this, who may yet get involved again – Philadelphia. I think they’re seeing right now, that that team, like Houston, they’re not as good as they were last year. And is there a big free agent for Philly to get this summer? They may get involved in this thing again.”

Hmm.. interesting.

Shams also referenced the Sixers in an appearance on whatever show this is:

“Teams are still identifying (the Sixers) as a team who could get involved here.”

Alright, so what say you?

Would you like Elton Brand to slide into these discussions?

I personally think it’s a bit early to talk about going all-in on a blockbuster trade, especially with an inexperienced GM who is on like day 40 of the job, but if you don’t think Markelle Fultz is the guy, then get the Wolves on the phone. Can’t hurt to have a conversation.

For what it’s worth, Butler carries a ~20 million dollar cap hit this year and next and is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2020. Markelle earns about 8 million on the second year of his rookie deal, so you can’t match without getting other “assets” involved.

Jimmy Butler trade?

Yes or no:

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