I wrote a bit about Wing Bowl yesterday after 94 WIP announced that the event would be coming to an end after 26 years.

Today Jeff Blumenthal over at the Philadelphia Business Journal has a bit more on the subject with some quotes from Entercom market manager David Yadgaroff, who oversees the cluster of stations that includes WIP, 1210 WPHT, and KYW News Radio.

Writes Blumenthal:

Why would the station eliminate one of its biggest revenue generators? David Yadgaroff, Philadelphia market manager for new parent company Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM), says it was simply a logical time to do so. But several sources believe there could have been other factors in play, including morning show host Angelo Cataldi not being a big fan of the event as well as new station owner Entercom being concerned about legal liability and cost.

Sources said the event generated as much as $1 million in revenue annually but management said Wing Bowl had run its course.

“With the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, the pretense for holding the event doesn’t exist anymore,” Yadgaroff said.

As with any big decision, he consulted with the corporate executive team of WIP’s new parent led by Entercom CEO David Field. But ultimately, he said the decision to pull the plug on Wing Bowl was made on the local level.

I can believe that.

I guessed yesterday that it was a combination of factors that went into the decision, the first being the idea that Wing Bowl isn’t really necessary anymore. It was created to be a Super Bowl placeholder until the Eagles finally won the damn thing, which they did.

But the event made a ton of money, and it’s hard to walk away from that. Sure, it did cost a lot to organize and execute, but it brought in a lot of profit for CBS Radio over the years.

Then you have the culture clash that existed with folks who thought the thing was one big gathering of lecherous weirdos. I felt like that was becoming a little more strained in recent years, especially with the advent of the #metoo movement.

Whatever the case, I think they made the right decision to wrap this thing up and move on, and I get the sense that most people feel that way, just judging by the reaction I’ve seen on social media and in the comments sections of various stories.