Tyrone Johnson and Krystle Rich Will Host New Show on NBC Sports Philadelphia

via Twitters

Press release:

PHILADELPHIA- (October 18, 2018) – NBC Sports Philadelphia, the home of the Authentic Fan – is launching “Sixers Outsiders” – a new, interactive program for Sixers fans, by Sixers fans. Hosts Tyrone Johnson and Krystle Rich – both huge fans – will provide their own unique take on that night’s game, with interaction on social media. “Sixers Outsiders” makes its debut on Saturday, October 20 immediately following “Sixers Postgame Live” on NBC Sports Philadelphia and the MyTeams by NBC Sports App.

During “Sixers Outsiders” Johnson (@TyJohnsonNews) and Rich (@KrystleRich) will provide viewers with the hottest takes, insightful analysis, and spirited commentary with interaction from fellow fans on social media. Fans can get a sneak peak of their new show this Thursday, October 18 during “Sixers Postgame Live.”

Tyrone currently produces the Mike Missanelli show, which is simulcasted on NBCSP.

The release says that Rich is a South Jersey native coming home from Los Angeles, where she worked as a reporter for “Time Warner Cable Network (now Spectrum SportsNet).” That actually looks like it was a few jobs ago. Her Linkedin page lists her most recent gig as a reporter/anchor at CBS Sacramento and she was previously a sports reporter and anchor at WBOC in Maryland. She’s a Rutgers alumna.

Thoughts on this new show?

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45 Responses

        1. Between your legal woes ( reckless driving and DUI), child endangerment (driving kids in a limo on an icy surface) and your lack of ethics (pursuing a relationship with the mother of a player), you were a poor example of a coach. If it weren’t for the unexpected and questionable addition of Banks, you would have never won that championship.

          1. This is the most accurate and realistic portrayal of this movie and the fraud that somehow managed to become the Coach of the Junior Goodwill Games after such acts had taken place.


    1. Yet another gig Sean Brace did not get. I heard he campaigned hard for this one. I guess its back to DJing sweet 16 birthday parties.

  1. When will they get it. Shows like this are no longer needed. Many people get their info straight from Twitter, or better yet, talk shit out with friends in text groups, slack groups, etc. The day of the successfull pre/post game/whatever the fuck else show are going away.

    1. I can’t think of a more annoying cliché in sports talk today than than the term hot takes. For me, It has officially replaced dumpster fire.

  2. This might be a sign of the demise of NBC Philly of any programming besides live sport and pre/post game shows. Frankly with captain hot take, Barkann (who has gotten worse as he gets older) makes most of the pre and post game shows unwatchable as well. So, whatever.

  3. I try to ignore most of what NBC Sports Philadelphia does these days, as almost every decision they make fills me with rage anymore.

    Maybe they should just fire their entire newsroom production staff and contract out 97.5’s radio team to do all their shows.

    Why employ dozens of people who all have ideas for shows when you could just ask some random radio asshole to do it for you?

    Fuck you, NBC Sports Philadelphia.

  4. Haven’t watched that channel in 2 years and don’t miss anything about it including Phillies, Flyers, Sixers games.

  5. Great move for Tyrone, the guy is killing it right now and it appears they are phasing Gargano out to be replaced by Ty. Not sure who that girl is, I would have voted to bring in Sean Brace as he is a basketball savant.

    1. Tyrone is a buffoon, and The Cuz is the only one on 97.5 that’s worth a damn.

      1. Facts prove otherwise. Tyrone has his on TV show, the Cuz was demoted to a mid day show to work with Martinez who is on his way out as well .

        1. If Martinez is on his way out he’ll be collecting checks for 2 more years because he just signed a new 2 year deal

  6. None. I have absolutely no thoughts on this show whatsoever. Seriously, nothing comes to mind and I offer no opinion. That’s very rare for me. I’ll forget about this as quickly as people forgot about New Coke.

  7. Now that the Cuz is on mid days, he can stay out later. He just got done plowing 2 sixers dancers. They were out all night partying. He was eating the one out whilst the other was riding his 10 incher. I guess he can fuck because he made them both squirt before he blasted crazy ropes on them.

    1. Yea, he made my ex wife squirt like a fire hose. Then he made her squirt again with his huge unit.

      Full disclosure, the Cuz was getting 500k / year… I’m getting 45k / year….

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