The Eagles are on the bye week, so quarterback Carson Wentz is enjoying some down time back west in North Dakota with his bros. You know, just hunting birds and doing some manly shit. The way things oughtta be. Wentz tweeted some pretty cool pictures of the trip because if you kill a bunch of birds and don’t post it to social media, did it even happen?

Say, is that…is that Mike Trout in those pictures?


Listen. Do I want the Phillies to sign Bryce Harper for 10 years and $400 million? I do. Would I be cool with Manny Machado? I would. But would I trade any 5-8 players in the Phillies’ organization not named Rhys Hoskins or Aaron Nola to get Trout in Philly? Hell yes.

Now, just because Trout is from Jersey, likes the Eagles, and is boys with Wentz doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ever going to play an inning for the Philies, but it’s like they say–where there’s (gun)smoke, there’s fire.*

*Denotes wishful thinking