The Eagles are in New Orleans as they look to turn around their season and upset the Saints on the road.

The Saints are favored at -7.5, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: Defense is depleted. Offense hasn’t shown anything for the majority of the season. This game is in New Orleans. It’s the beginning of the end of the season. Saints 38, Eagles 24 (Saints -7.5).

Jeff: Eagles look cooked. We’ll see if they have any championship pride left, though count me as skeptical. They’ll keep it close for a while as Wentz throws 60+ passes to try to keep up but in the end the picket fence will be trampled over by the likes of Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. Saints 38, Eagles 24 (Saints -7.5).

Mike: ???

Tim: This is a make-or-break game for the Eagles on paper, but I think we all realize the season was lost against Dallas last week. The offense hasn’t played with the efficiency needed to keep pace with the Saints offense. The secondary, meanwhile, is riddled with injuries and will struggle to keep Drew Brees in check. The Eagles keep it competitive, but they fall to 4-6. Saints 38, Eagles 28 (Saints -7.5).

Coggin: “What’s your prediction for the Eagles/Saints game on Sunday, Clubber?”

Clubber Lang (glowering into the camera): “Sadness.” Saints 35, Eagles 17 (Saints -7.5).

Phil: I told you not to lay the points last week, and I hope you listened. Now I have another useful piece of advice for this week: Whatever you do, DON’T TAKE THE POINTS. The line is up to 10 in some places, and the temptation will be to think that the Eagles will be too proud to get blown out. But they had pride and much, much more to play for in their three straight home losses, and came up tiny each time. Last year’s team was on a mission; this injured team that the league seems to have figured out is looking for a reason to stop needing to try so hard. The Saints will give it to them. Saints 44, Eagles 23 (Saints -7.5).

Anthony: The Eagles will cover the spread. That’s the best I got for this team. They’ll play like their season depends on the outcome of this game, and keep it close. But the Saints are too good. They have not one, but two running backs who run hard, which is going to be a problem for a defense that doesn’t tackle well. I think the much-maligned offense will get bold though and try some things we haven’t seen this year. The Eagles will score, just not as much as the Saints. Take the over. Saints 34, Eagles 27 (Eagles +7.5).

Bob: Make sure you check out the betting guide for this game. But as for the score, it’ll be closer than many might expect. Saints 36, Eagles 33 (Eagles +7.5).

Russ: The Eagles should get slaughtered and they probably will, but I’m feeling positive this morning. Eagles shock the world. Eagles 42, Saints 24 (Eagles +7.5).

Kevin: Saints 35, Eagles 21 (Saints -7.5).

Kyle: ???