Lots of crapola to talk about at his Monday afternoon press conference, but Doug Pederson started with an update on the guys who went down injured in Sunday’s 48-7 loss to the Saints:

  • Rick Lovato – concussion protocol
  • Jordan Hicks – week to week with a calf injury
  • Avonte Maddox – day to day (knee)
  • Rasul Douglas – day to day (knee)
  • Jason Kelce – “fine”
  • Sidney Jones – week to week (new injury, hamstring was totally healed coming into the game)

Here’s some of the other stuff Doug went over in a 14 minute presser:

  • he was more bothered by scoring 7 points than giving up 48, felt like his offense left a lot of plays out on the field
  • needs to coach the offense better, players need to execute better on the field, feels like sometimes you can feel a game spiral out of control and sometimes it’s easy to lose focus as a play caller and also as a quarterback
  • message to the fans is the same one he delivered to the players: you can’t hang your head, can’t start doubting yourself

Doug also went into some detail on the failed 3rd and 3 play call around the 4:00 minute mark of the second quarter that I mentioned this morning.

Zach Berman clipped it here:

Doug on this play:

Yeah, it was an eight-man protection, and we missed on a call up front. So there was quick pressure in Carson’s face and he couldn’t reload. Zach was coming open in the middle of the field.

It was two deep throws on the outside, and there was no second-level defender. We also had Zach coming open across the middle of the field.

Yeah, I get it. I just didn’t like the deep drop when it was really a short-yardage situation.

More Doug after the jump:

  • he reiterated that the scripting of plays relates to 1st and 2nd downs, team obviously adjusts when presented with various distances on third down, goes into the playbook to determine how to proceed in those cases (the issue, in my mind, is that they still don’t seem to be doing diddly poo on 1st and 2nd down)
  • Doug pointed out that they have multiple injuries at the same position this year, which is different from last year because they were losing singular pieces in different spots. The entire secondary is wrecked right now.
  • There was another uncomfortable exchange with Pederson and Jeff McLane about the Eagles’ medical staff. Pederson said he has no concern about the way the doctors are handling injuries.
  • Doug said he didn’t think about taking Wentz out of the game.

That’s about it. There’s some stuff about the Saints attacking Sidney Jones towards the end of this video: