It’s Dallas week. Get pumped.

Well it’s not technically Dallas week yet, since the Cowboys play the Titans tonight at home, so we’ll see if they limp into this one at 3-5 or head up to Philly as a .500 team coming off a win.

Coordinators Mike Groh and Jim Schwartz spoke today, covering a variety of topics from the addition of Golden Tate and return of Tim Jernigan to the heavy blitzing in the Jacksonville win.

Mike Groh

  • Tate is a veteran player who has been in different systems, so he has familiarity with various looks and offensive approaches
  • Tate is extremely competitive, a guy with excellent YAC qualities, fits nicely and complements the guys who are already in the huddle
  • Agholor and Tate are both dynamic players, they “do some similar things very well” but have different types of games as well, not worried about overlap
  • Can cuse the passing game as an extension of the running game in some situations, but “it certainly doesn’t replace the physicality of a run game”
  • Tate had explosive plays against Dallas in week four, made some guys miss, a big part of why Detroit was in that game
  • learning a new playbook is like learning a new language, but Tate is a smart guy and can relate the Eagles system to things he’s done in the past with Detroit and Seattle
  • not sure where his offensive line is in terms with injuries at this point (Lane Johnson and Jason Peters)
  • doesn’t see Corey Clement struggling, just hasn’t had a breakout game this season
  • confident in Big V at left tackle, happy with what they’ve gotten out of Josh Adams thus far

Jim Schwartz

  • good seeing Tim Jernigan out there, good demeanor around the game, will get him into some individual drills this week and take it one day at a time
  • too early to know when Jernigan will be ready to play, he’s coming off a major injury and hasn’t played in a while
  • next step for the defense is creating multiple turnovers and getting back into the end zone, turnovers are “game changing plays”
  • will watch and see what Amari Cooper does for Cowboys tonight, has been in a bunch of different schemes already and adds another good player to their roster
  • didn’t want to comment on Rams/Saints game and “look past the Cowboys”
  • Wembley Field conditions made it tough to generate pass rush, so they blitzed about “twice as much” as they normally do in the Jaguars game
  • team is doing a great job limiting the run but need to do better keeping quarterbacks from getting yards on the ground

Let’s see what the Cowboys and Titans do tonight. Should be an offensive showcase down in the Big D. No scheduled availability tomorrow, but we’ll get Doug Pederson on Wednesday.

Video of today’s pressers: