Gabe Kapler lost his home earlier this week in the destructive California wildfires that still continue to burn this morning across different parts of the state. It has undoubtedly been a devastating experience for Kapler and the thousands of others impacted by this tragedy, and I could only imagine how difficult it must be to pick up the pieces in its aftermath.

And that’s why I think it’s pretty damn cool that he took the time to meet and hang out with some awesome and brave children in the Phillies clubhouse last night. From Jeff Chirico of Action News:

Kapler didn’t talk about his home or the fires, but instead kept the focus on the children:

We have local hospital kids, we never let anybody sleepover at the clubhouse. It’s a real opportunity to let them take a break from some of the things they are dealing with and it feels amazing to be part of that.

Awesome story.

With the holiday season approaching next week, and in the spirit of his selflessness, here’s a link Kapler is promoting for anyone that’s interested in donating to the Wildfire Relief Fund: