What do you call it when Brian Scalabrine drops a bit of trade information?

A Scalabrine-bomb? A Scal-bomb? A Scala-bomb?

The former NBA center, now doing color and analysis up in Boston, casually dropped a nugget last night regarding the Sixers’ reported pursuit of veteran shooter Kyle Korver:

Korver’s name has popped up in recent weeks as the Cavaliers flounder in the post-LeBron era. I honestly don’t know why they didn’t just blow it up when Bron took off, but that’s another story for another time.

Kevin O’Connor at The Ringer says the Sixers had Korver trade talks in the summer and “retain interest now” – 

The Sixers need shooting in a bad way after losing Saric and Covington. They talked a trade with the Cavaliers for Kyle Korver during the offseason and retain interest now, according to league sources. Knicks shooting guard Courtney Lee is also available. Shooters are a scarcity on the market, though; the Sixers may need to look to the buyout market like they did late last season with Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova. No matter the player, it should be a priority to retain flexibility heading into next summer.

Korver, of course, started his career in “Phila” and played five seasons here. He’s 37 years old now but averaged 9 points off the bench last season on 43.6% three point shooting. He’s shooting 38.7% from deep this year.




I think they’d be smarter to just ride the buyout market, personally.