Is Jason Witten Wearing a Toupée?

Saw this floating around on “the Twitter” earlier.

Jason Witten went from not having much hair, to now having a lot of hair.

See for yourself:



Hair restoration with Dr. Paul Glat up in Bala Cynwyd?

Apparently his hair has looked different for some time now. I guess I hadn’t noticed, but here’s a shot comparing his playing days to his retirement press conference, which took place in May:

Personally, I think Witten should embrace his hair loss and just let it ride, like this guy, who recently went for a two-point conversion to win a road game against a ranked team:



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  1. How many of you people are going to vote and writing in The Cuz on your ballot?

    1. FUCK that fat gas bag ‘cuz’ and his loser fans who polish his knob him at every opportunity.

  2. I’m going 305lbs. Look at the guy on FB. Easy Phil. Take the elevator!

    Also, Kinker has tiny baby feet.

  3. What a joke Kevin. Who cares? How self conscious are you? This is a garbage article, your other articles are nice but this is just straight up bad.

    1. Boogers are you bald? Why the anxiety? Democrat? Are you mad? Do you wear slippers? Did you vote? Do you wear a hat all the time? Are there any pimples on your face or head?

  4. Wow! Not a Cowboys or Witten fan, but never noticed it. Clearly wearing a rug or great plugs!!

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