Without fail, Allen Iverson always gets the biggest pop at the Wells Fargo Center.

And when you see some sort of commotion on the baseline near media seating, nine times out of ten it’s people scrambling to shout out A.I. or get a picture with him.

He’s still the most popular Sixer in the building. Jimmy Butler might be number two or three at this point, and last night the pair hugged it out after the five-point win over Phoenix.

That was the first question to Butler after the game – his thoughts on that embrace.

Butler on Iverson after the jump:

“One of the greatest players that has ever played a game. Me and A.I. have always been in touch with one another. I’m a fan of his since I was little. I’ve always looked up to the way he plays, the heart, the passion, the emotion, all of that good stuff. We talked about some stuff All-Star weekend and he was telling me how much he loves me as a player and as a person and then look at how everything unfolds. Now I’m here in Philly and he is one of the GOATs to play here, so that’s good feeling.”

I couldn’t hear the follow-up question, but I think he was asked what it means to have a relationship with Iverson:

Everything. We’re talking about a killer on that court. He is one of the few names that you bring up. Just listening to him, picking his brain. For him to tell me he thinks I’m a really good player goes a long way, especially for me. I did it the long way. I had to go to (Junior College) and all of that stuff. He saw a lot in me since day one I guess and he let me know.

There you go, a feel-good Sixers story on a Tuesday morning.