Markelle Fultz Laughs off Amari Cooper Trolling

I didn’t expect to see a Dallas Cowboys receiver mock a 76ers guard on a nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game, but here we are.

Amari Cooper, who looked like the second coming of Jerry Rice yesterday, scored a touchdown to put Dallas up 16 to 13, then gathered his teammates and pretended to shoot a free throw, bouncing the ball between his hands ala Markelle Fultz from last week:

That’s it, right? There’s no coming back from that.

Unless you’re Markelle, who retweeted a video of the celebration and laughed it off, after the jump:

Markelle did something similar when people were ripping the three-point shot that hit the side of the rim a few weeks back, commenting on an Instagram post with a smiley-face emoji and laughing along with everybody else.

For what it’s worth, Cooper gave a strange explanation when asked about the celebration:

“I don’t know him,” said Cooper, who made the shot. “I just thought it would be a cool thing to do. I don’t really watch the NBA like that until playoff time. But I’ve seen a couple highlights of him doing it.”


“I really just thought about it on the fly during this game,” Cooper said. “I was like, ‘If I score, I’ll maybe do that.’ I couldn’t really think of anything else on the fly. … I just made sure I shot the ball far enough to make the free throw.”

Huh? It would just be a “cool thing to do?” Maybe he missed the part where Fultz was universally panned for putting up a couple of free throws with that wonky routine. If he’s not ripping Markelle he’s at least trolling him here.

Anyway, Cooper looked amazing last night while the Eagles are having trouble integrating Golden Tate.

Happy Black Friday.




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  1. Fultz can laugh himself all the way to the biggest bust in four major sports of all time.

    1. He officially tops Shawn Bradley as the biggest Sixers draft bust. At least we were able to get 3 seasons out of Bradley and lots of blocked shots whereas Fultz may turn out to be 2 seasons of petty drama.

      As for being the biggest draft bust in all of sports, does he top JaMarcus Russell? Hmmm.

      1. The migrant caravan is pushing 1 million people. They are not all bad, but I’m sure there are many bad hombres in the pack. We need more troops at the border to prevent this invasion. If they try to push through our defenses we need to take them out. Build that wall! Trump 2020! Trump 2024! Trump 2028!

      1. Bennett was really bad, but he was selected in a very weak draft class and was seen as more of a project anyway. Fultz was a unanimous #1 selection by scouts/writers, while Bennett was all over the map and very few thought he warranted a #1 pick status. Statistically, Fultz is better than Bennett, but at least Bennett didn’t hesitate to shoot the ball…he just couldn’t make a shot. Fultz is a bigger bust because for the Sixers, not only did they trade up and lose an asset while selecting a kid who is a complete headcase, but also swapped picks with their rival Celtics who picked Jayson Tatum who has proved he will at the very least be a good NBA player.

  2. Spot on about Bennett weak class. They mortgaged the future of picks for a head case. Collar boy was the Nba revenge for the process. Brand may save the day . Butler was a great trade.

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