So there I was just minding my business when I stumbled across Mike “The outright leader in Philadelphia sports talk” Missanelli engaging in some well-done Twitter beef with Curt Schilling.

Why? Politics, because of course.

It all started when Schilling took Missanelli to task over a Breitbart article about an accuser of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh recanting what she had claimed during his pre-appointment hearing:

So, yeah. Does Missanelli strike you as someone who would get involved in a petty back-and-forth?

Oh boy. It got worse.

“Go feed the chickens.”

New favorite insult? Maybe. Schilling then went on to call Mike an entitled liberal, which went about as well as you’d imagine it would:

Schilling continued to take on Mike as an “entitled liberal” –

It would appear that Missanelli went after Schilling for attending Junior College:

Schilling then issued an open challenge to debate ANYTHING with “the outright leader” –

Side note, this was my favorite exchange between Mike and a random guy:

Is anyone arguing on Twitter really a tough guy? Dude…