Perpetual malcontent Odell Beckham Jr., who turned in a frothy five receptions for 85 yards in yet another loss to the Eagles yesterday, found some time to take his Joker shtick to the next level.

He’s known for his love of the unpredictable villain – presumably terrorizing Gotham City and ultimately failing its citizens – and has previously worn Joker cleats and gloves. This year, Nike is doubling down on all of it, designing Beckham yet another pair of his own Joker-inspired cleats:

Apparently that includes some other collateral, first detailed by Nike designer Erin Cochrane (@ec_electriccircus), who posted the cleats photo, last week. Most notable is a self-branded Joker card, which, unfathomably, Beckham was carrying around in his jersey yesterday and doled out to some kid during the game. Investor Jeff just happened to be sitting next to him when it happened. Behold, absurdity:

The Giants lost. Beckham didn’t score a touchdown (I’m guessing this card was destined for an end zone collab). And after the game, he blasted the coaching staff for not getting him the ball more:

“That’s more of a question for coach. Coming in, knowing that they struggled in the secondary, personally I would have loved to attack them. But it wasn’t in our game plan.”

But that didn’t stop him from passing out his calling card, which is apparently good for a 3-8 record. I wonder who the joke is on.