We’re only a couple days into baseball’s free agency period, but unless you care about who Bryce Harper is following on Twitter, there hasn’t been much to digest to this point.

Enter Jon Heyman with this tasty morsel:

Everything is on the table? Harper AND Machado?

My heart, it flutters in anticipation. Come gentle princes and lead us forth.

I don’t think it’s going to happen. Actually, I have no idea, but I’m conditioned for sadness and disappointment, so let’s
go with that.

I’m also pretty sure dumping a combined $75 million a year for the next decade into two players isn’t the best path to a title, but I would absolutely do it because I thrive off instant gratification, and I like shiny new things.

To that end, I’m encouraged by this news because it appears increasingly likely the Phillies are going to spend money. They have to. And not that pacifying a hungry fan base should necessitate handing out $350-$400 million contracts, but the Phillies will have a major perception problem on their hands if they don’t seal the deal on some primo talent this winter.

Do it, Middleton. Do it.