Yesterday Stephen A. Smith trolled Cowboys fans in glorious fashion. Today, a day I frankly never expected, Cowboys super-fan and apologist Skip Bayless did the unthinkable: he declared that he can no longer defend his Dallas Cowboys:

I can no longer defend my Dallas cowboys. In fact, it’s very hard for me to say the word “my”…

What we saw last night at Jerry World was exactly what the record says we saw: we saw a bad 3-5 football team. This team will not win the division, this team will not make the playoffs. This team is no closer to the playoffs than Dallas is to Paris, France.

I can’t decide which was worse: Scary-Bad Dak or the defense. The defense came in last night the number one scoring defense in all of pro football, coming off a bye week against the 30th ranked Tennessee offense.

The double jeopardy was the defense was as pathetic as I’ve seen it over the last three years. You turned [Mariota] into Tom Brady.

As long as I’ve been rooting for this football team – and I went to my first game at the Cotton Bowl in 1961 – I have never watched a more devastating, disillusioning, downright disgusting game as that one last night because of the circumstance. You’re coming off a bye, you land Amari Cooper, you talk Hudson Houck the greatest offensive line coach I was ever around out of retirement at age 75 to try to fix the offensive line, you’re 3-0 at home, and you put yourself in position to be up 21-0…

That was pathetic. This wasn’t just a must win, this was ya better win or heads will roll. That includes the quarterback and the head coach.

Hearing this provided me a cathartic release, one which should rejuvenate the Delaware Valley. This monologue, my friends, is one of the best examples of Schadenfreude you will ever come across. My heart is full.