ESPN’s First Take broadcasted from Dallas this morning ahead of the highly-anticipated matchup between the 3-4 Cowboys and 3-4 Titans.

Stephen A Smith, who can sometimes be an insufferable blowhard, was at the top of his game, speaking the truth about a Dallas franchise that ain’t won shit since the 1990s and ain’t gonna win shit with Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett, and Jerry Jones running the show.

Here’s Stephen A preaching the gospel in front of Michael Irvin:

“Y’all ain’t nothing! Okay? Ya ain’t been nothing. Last time y’all was something, you had an afro!”

More truths after the jump:

“The most disgusting and nauseating fan base in American history”

Hard to argue with that!

Look at this swagger:

Well done. Perfection. A trolling masterpiece.