When it can be argued that Alex Smith had a less painful weekend than the Philadelphia Eagles, you know things didn’t go to well for the Birds on Sunday afternoon.

We all knew it had the potential to be bad, but this bad? A 48-7 massacre of the Super Bowl winners was the worst defeat in the history of the NFL for a defending champion.

The Eagles weren’t so much punched in the mouth yesterday as they were open-hand slapped across the face. A punch would have been more dignified. A punch would have left this team snoring on the ground with their eyes rolled up into the back of their head, oblivious to the horrors around them.

The Saints did not allow them such mercy. The Saints reared back and slapped the Eagles across the face as hard as they could. They weren’t allowed the dignity of being knocked out, they were left to whimper and sob softly to themselves as snot and tears drained from their orifices, a sad slick of failure smeared into their stinging cheeks as they pathetically looked up at the Saints looming over them.

It was humiliating. What else can be said? Sure there were injuries, sure the Saints are the superior team, but the Eagles were flat-out humiliated on national television in a game that was never, EVER in doubt. When corner backs with jersey numbers in the high 50s are trying to cover Michael Thomas and some guy named “LeBlanc” is getting toasted by the Saints backup tight end, you know you’re going to be in a for a long, agonizing day.

But the most disheartening aspect? It was obvious they quit. They showed no fire the entire day. From the coaches’ inept game plan to their slump-shouldered body language in the second quarter, it was obvious they weren’t going to come back and pose any threat to the Saints. When Malcolm Jenkins shows more fire in his post-game confrontation with Saints head coach Sean Payton for running up the score on a beleaguered Eagles secondary than anyone else did on the field all game, then you have a massive problem on your hands.

The Eagles have been denying it all year, saying the Super Bowl hangover had no impact on the way they were performing, but anyone watching these losses knows that it has. Everyone is hurt. Everyone is being questioned. Nobody is safe.

It’s officially a lost season. Forget about the wide-open NFC East. Who cares about that now? Do you want the Eagles to somehow win this putrid division with an 8-8 record and extend the season with a home playoff loss to the Vikings or the Panthers? I don’t.

Play some of the younger guys (if there are any worth playing, I’m not sure there are), focus on next year, and regroup. Shut a few of the injured vets down for the year. Don’t play Wentz in the tail end of anymore blowouts.

They’re not going on a run. The players will say they have it in them, that they believe in the roster and their talent, but they’re 4-6. You are what your record says you are, and their record says they’re shit. Sorry. With games remaining against the Rams and the Texans they’d be LUCKY to win 8 games.

Pull the plug on this vegetable of a season and lets move on with our lives.