It looks like the Phillies are going to get some national exposure this season. From ESPN:

The 30th season of Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell – the exclusive, national MLB game of the week – opens on Sunday, March 31, with a National League showdown set for 7 p.m. It will pit the Philadelphia Phillies and Rhys Hoskins against the Atlanta Braves and Freddie Freeman from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Philadelphia Phillies and Rhys Hoskins?

They must mean the Philadelphia Phillies and Rhys Hoskins AND Bryce Harper.

That the Phillies will get some national looks this season shouldn’t be much of a surprise given the team’s owner is basically telling anybody who will listen that he’s about to smack the rest of the National League East across the face with his tobacco money this offseason. Theoretically, that financial flex should make the Phillies a far more entertaining, marketable, and watchable product than they were a season ago. Or, if you want to go full conspiracy theory, it’s an inside job and ESPN knows Harper is coming here.

Should be fun either way.