The Phillies had the 29-year-old free agent lefty in town on Tuesday. They put his picture up on the jumbotron and the photo began making the rounds on social media.

Corbin also visited the Nationals and now he’s in New York City, where the Yankees also put up his picture on the big screen:

Hmm.. good idea Yankees. Always good to make the wife and the family feel welcomed.

Maybe that will be the deciding factor in Corbin’s free agency. Maybe it will be the fact that the Yankees can throw boatloads of money at him. Maybe it’s both.

I personally believe that Philly is the better destination for Patrick and Jen. We are a hard working, blue collar, lunch pail town that appreciates our athletes. New York City is filled with disgusting Wall Street types. It’s nothing but white collar crime type of folks who played a role in destroying the economy.

Philly is the choice.