Vikings Fan Puts Young Whippersnapper in a Headlock

Now, these things only happen in Philadelphia, but this video comes to us from Minnesota:


“(inaudible).. fucking tear you apart. You’re taking away from me. You scream and yell and everything you want but you don’t do that (makes cheering noise).”

I don’t have the full context here, but I have to side with the older gentleman. The Packers fan deserved the headlock just for wearing pajama pants and a bucket hat to a football game.


7 Responses

  1. Just because they are old doesn’t mean they weren’t a State Champion Kick Boxer and Mortal Kombat fan

  2. At 24 seconds, the old man’s face is priceless…….”Who am I? What am I doing here? Get off my lawn!”

  3. Yet it was Vikings fans that cried to the national media about Philly being “Horrible hosts” for the NFC championship. Pretty sure no Grandpa’s assaulted any of Skol losers, while in Philly

    1. Yeah, but didn’t they shoot Santa with an AK-47 once in Philly, like in 1938? Right after they ran Andy Reid and Mike Schmidt out of town? And they booed Lance Parrish! Only in Philly. Nowhere else ever. Must be fake video.

  4. That headlock actually had excellent form. one arm across the face and the other arm under the pits. That would make all rasslers proud!

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