Did anybody see comedienne Chelsea Handler in the parking lots before last night’s game?

Apparently she was there with a camera crew setting up interviews with Eagles fans.

From a tipster:

“Chelsea Handler was at the eagles game tailgate yesterday. No one knew it was her at the time. She was baiting fans into interviews. For example her video crew claimed they wanted to interview people about the super bowl win and the food that they were cooking. They did multiple shots of the grills and tailgate buses. Then proceeded to interview people about the Super Bowl and general eagles questions. Out of nowhere during this interview she turned the questions into our thoughts on Malcolm Jenkins protests, Kap kneeling and Black Lives Matter propaganda. The questions were purposely asked in a way that no answer would be correct. Her producer set up people to get a reaction. For the interview I was witnessing the guys being interviewed declined to answer the questions after they realized they were being set up. Some signed a waiver before this interview as they were told this was an “eagles fan documentary”. We watched her do this to multiple people yesterday in the tailgate lot. I don’t keep up with her but this 100% will be used in whatever she does these days. Just a heads up to give you guys a chance to tell the real narrative of what really happened when this bullshit comes out and eagles fans are trashed by national media per usual.”


At least one other person saw her hanging around:

And this popped up:

I haven’t seen or heard much of Handler recently. A quick glance at her Twitter timeline shows nothing but political commentary dating back as far as I can scroll. Looks like she spends most of her time doing the anti-Trump thing, which I have no opinion on since I’m an unbiased and neutral journalist.

Anyway, I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on Netflix and see what they do with the footage.


Handler was walking around F1 before the game. Reader Matt says she interviewed a couple of people and took some Jell-O shots as well. Friends “signed a waiver and confirmed it was Chelsea filming for a Netflix special about kneeling in the NFL.”