I could be wrong, but I don’t think Angelo Cataldi and Gabe Kapler have done a radio hit since exchanging some combative words a while back.

That was in October, at the end of the season, after Cataldi wrote a Philly Voice column calling General Manager Matt Klentak “incompetent” and “tone deaf.” Kapler wasn’t happy with the article and told Cataldi that he was “flat out wrong” about Klentak while also suggesting that Angelo is an angry shit-stirrer:

“I take issue with what you said. I am a compassionate and competitive man, but generating anger for the sake of anger means that you just end up flat out wrong like you were in that piece. That isn’t what the Phillies need. You’ve been angry about the team year in and year out, yes, a team that got worse every year since 2011. You were angry about it. Now it’s getting better but you’re still doing the same thing Angelo. You talk about the definition of insanity? I’d take a minute to look in the mirror about that.”

If there was any residual beef from that exchange, it’s now a thing of the past. Kapler was live on the WIP morning show today, LIVE IN PERSON from Steven Singer jewelers in Center City, where Hollis Thomas dressed up as Santa Claus and a lucky couple got married:

Cataldi opened the 10-minute discussion by proclaiming that Kapler was “very good looking,” which I think Kyle and BWanks would agree with. After the jump, Gabe discusses the pitch for free agent Manny Machado, who will visit Philly tomorrow:

“I think the pitch is multi-faceted. It’s been reported that Manny Machado is coming to town and we’re absolutely really excited to have him and show him all of the cool things about Philadelphia. But I think the biggest pitch is: ‘Manny, you are the guy that has an opportunity to put us over the edge.’ And when you have a caliber of player like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, you know that they can make a material difference in 2019 and beyond to help us take that next step to really competing for a divisional title.”

Manny Machado, you are the man!

Wait – that’s Chase Utley.

Anyway, here’s the full audio, which includes some bits about Andrew McCutchen and Jean Segura and Kapler’s preparation for his second year as an MLB manager:

FYI – Kapler appears weekly on the morning show during the season as part of WIP’s broadcast contract with the Phillies. Same thing with Doug Pederson.