Per Doug Pederson, who today squashed the idea of bringing back the recently fired Minnesota offensive coordinator:

You know, I was anticipating this question, but listen – what I’ll say is John did a great job for me. He helped us win a world championship and then he got an opportunity. I love my coaches. I’m confident in the guys we have. So at this time, no.

Flip was the Eagles’ quarterback coach before departing for the Vikings after the Super Bowl. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich took the Indy head coaching job.

The firing of DeFilippo resulted in a large chunk of Eagles fans calling for his return based simply on this kind of logic:

  1. Flip was on the staff when the Eagles were good
  2. THEREFORE – Doug Pederson should bring him back

Hell of a reasoning right there. I mean, they could very well be right, but tell me everything you know about Flip’s contributions to the offense or his relationship with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles.

No, seriously. Tell me everything you know.






Didn’t think so.

You might have some nuggets here or there, but you don’t know the extent of what he did behind the scenes. He didn’t call the plays or design the offense. He did call the plays for the Vikings this year, who had a less than stellar interior line and an average-but-sometimes-good quarterback in Kirk Cousins. How much of Minnesota’s woes fall on Flip’s shoulders and how much is on the players?

It’s hard to say.

More importantly, the Eagles already have an offensive coordinator in Mike Groh and a quarterbacks coach in Press Taylor, who are two more guys who don’t call the plays. It’s equally difficult to quantify or qualify their contributions to the offense, but even if you think they both suck, you’re certainly not going to replace one or both with John DeFilippo when you only have three games remaining.  And if you bring back Flip while keeping those two guys in place, what the hell is he going to do? What is his job title?

These poll results are dumb as hell but not surprising:

Bring him back to do what exactly? Coach the quarterbacks? Press Taylor is told to take a hike?

None of these opinions are based off any kind of empirical evidence, not unless you know John DeFilippo personally or were inside the quarterback room last season or have a direct line to Doug Pederson or Howie Roseman’s office.

Was Carson Wentz more comfortable with Flip than Press Taylor? Maybe. Maybe not. You could try to piece together various tidbits from people in the know, but Doug says he’s not coming back “at this time,” so is there really any point in going down a dead end road right now?

No, so let’s see what happens in a few weeks.