Brett Brown Thinks Markelle Fultz Will Play Again for the Sixers

Photo credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

76ers head coach Brett Brown was on the Mike Missanelli show this afternoon.

Mike asked him about Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler and whatnot, which was pretty straightforward stuff met with some generic answers.

Then he asked Brett if Markelle would “ever play again as a Sixer,” to which Brown responded:

“I completely think so. And I really, I mean this – I don’t even go there. I understand, to a point, where somebody could write or say something that significant, or to the magnitude that you just said. But I don’t believe that to be true. I don’t coach him or talk to him, or talk to our team at all about that. My wish is to just help him get back on the court, and you (phone begins breaking up) Michael, where we could use him. We’re a little bit thin on the bench and we all can see where he can come back into this team and help us win games.”

Yeah, it’s true. Markelle was not playing poorly as a second unit point guard. He was improving defensively and facilitating in a backup role and doing a decent job.

He’s still going through visitations with shoulder specialists and Elton Brand is expected to deliver an update sometime soon. We originally thought we would get some news on Friday, but that got pushed back into this week.


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2 Responses

  1. I love BB. He’s on message all the time. Positive as often as he can be… never lets that doubt creep in. Little inklings of Phil Jackson. Sixers need to win this man a championship.

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