Carson Wentz will fly to Los Angeles this weekend, which seems kind of pointless for a guy with a cracked vertebra.

Another combative press conference down at NovaCare today. Doug Pederson didn’t have much interest in talking about the Wentz situation at all, but revealed that his QB will be listed as questionable despite apparently needing a few months for his back to heal.

Would you put a guy with a broken back on a plane to California? Seems like a dumb idea.

Here’s a rundown of Wentz-related stuff Pederson said at today’s press conference:

  • It’s a “stress injury, this thing has evolved over time and it requires zero surgery to heal.”  
  • Doug doubled-down on the idea that the injury “evolved over time” and did not pinpoint a specific incident or game or period in which the injury occurred. Pederson wants to keep specifics in-house. “He’s listed as questionable, and that’s the way it is.”
  • Injury has not affected his play-calling at all.
  • Doesn’t want to put a timetable on recovery, but said it could be possibly three months.
  • It they put him out there, “there has to be 100% chance” that there’s no risk of making the injury worse.”
  • He also pushed back on the idea that the injury was keeping Carson from running more. Credits defenses on that more than anything else.
  • The fracture was discovered after a test was done on Tuesday.
  • This injury does not have anything to do with Wentz compensating for his ACL injury.
  • Doug has a high level of confidence with the medical staff and the team always does tests and scans on injured players on a weekly basis.
  • There’s a “fine line” on pushing guys to come back to play. Each athlete has a protocol based on their individual injuries and they want to be back on the field.
  • Doug’s back injury was different than Carson’s injury, so it’s not fair to compare each of those situations.

So let’s recap:

  1. Carson has a cracked vertebra
  2. He’s listed as questionable and will fly to Los Angeles…
  3. …but he needs “possibly three months” for the injury to heal without surgery

Yeah, alright.

Anyway, here’s video of testy Doug after the jump: