We’ve got a quote and a tweet to work off of here.

First, Ian Rapoport:

And Doug Pederson at his press conference today:

“Carson has a little bit of back soreness, tightness. We’re gonna rest him today, continue to evaluate him and just make sure he’s good. We’ll have more information on these guys later in the week.”

(follow up question about previous history with this issue)

“Sometimes he just gets a little sore, a little tight. So we’re just going to rest him today and evaluate him further. Nothing game related. He’s dealt with it and so we’re going to continue to evaluate.”

Honestly, I can see this being a blessing in disguise. The season is pretty much over anyway. Shut him down, get him back to 100%, and we’ll take another crack at it next year.

Of course, Nick Foles coming in and throwing for 400 yards would only result in a massive headache moving forward. Imagine what social media and both radio stations would be like if that happened.