Comcast is Raising its “Regional Sports Network Fee” (Again)

Saw this on Twitter a short time ago.

Apparently Comcast is going to make you pay more for a variety of things, sports included, beginning in 2019. I’m a FIOS customer with an equally expensive and bloated monthly bill, but I know a large majority of people in this region get their TV and internet via Comcast.

From an Ars Technica article:

Comcast is raising its controversial “Broadcast TV” and “Regional Sports Network” fees again on January 1, with the typical total price going from $14.50 to $18.25 a month.

The newly raised broadcast TV fee will be $10 a month, and the sports fee will be $8.25 a month, Cord Cutters News reported last week. The new fee sizes are confirmed in a Comcast price list for the Atlanta market.

The new price hikes will take effect in most of Comcast’s regional markets across the US on January 1, but some cities will get the increase later in 2019, a Comcast spokesperson told Ars. The fee sizes can vary by city based on which stations are available, so in some cases they could be less than $10 and $8.25, Comcast said.

Equipment fees are also increasing.

I don’t see anything in any article mentioning specific rate increases for Philadelphia, though the complication here has always been Comcast owning NBC Sports Philadelphia, which creates a funky conflict for non-Comcast people. I remember I couldn’t get the station formerly known as TCN in high definition as recently as four or five years ago. I had to watch Union games and some bumped Flyers and Sixers games in standard def on channel 80. Of course Comcast wants you to watch NBCSP through their cable service and has no real incentive to negotiate carriage fees in good faith with a competitor, right? It’s Comcast’s city, and we’re all living in it.

Something to keep an eye on here. I feel like I’m very close to joining the rest of y’all in cutting the cord.

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11 Responses

  1. Cut the cord. Indie Film and TV represent. Stream and show them we won’t accept being taken advantage of. Just like when your team is not getting it done and stuck in no man’s land, the fans stop showing up to the arena and the team is forced to make moves. Your dollars are your votes.

  2. They carry CSN and CSN+ so they are going to pass the fees onto the consumer. Again I’ll say why did they agree to pay the Phils so much money. Where was competition for the Phils on other local channels.

  3. I cut the cord two years ago when my cable bill topped $200.00. After jumping around, I settled on PS Vue. It has everything any Philly sports fan would want except TCN. Still have to pay for internet from Comcast, which combined with the cost of the streaming service puts me at $150.00 a month for cable. Its decent, but having to connect to tvs via Chromecast or even a ethernet wired Fire tv still has regular issues of timed out screens and frozen streams. To me the $50.00 monthly savings is worth the trouble, but cord-cutting ain’t the cost saving it used to be. You gotta to be really determined to say “F-Comcast” to stick with it.

    1. This is kind of what I’m interested in. Obviously internet is the big thing, but I still use a landline phone to host podcast guests for IASIP. I could dump it and use Skype instead, but I find it much more fluid for guests to just call in the old fashioned way.

      I barely watch TV, just Philly sports, ESPN, stuff like that. Wife watches Bravo and that’s about it. I think next year we’re just gonna take the plunge and change it up for good, because the bills are starting to get out of hand.

      1. Well, the good thing about PS Vue is that you can create separate profiles for what you save on your cloud ‘dvr’, recommendations, and favorite channels. I have my profile for sports, girlfriend has hers chock full of Hallmark movies, and my son has his with kids stuff. So unlike my universal Netflix account, it doesn’t recommend old episodes of Gilmore Girls to me all the time.

  4. I used to have a bar around the corner that charged $1.75 for a Miller Lite during Flyers or Sixers games. It was cheaper for me to go there and get 4 beers during games than to have cable.

  5. YouTube Tv is something I signed up for last year, and it is GREAT! I use Comcast for my high-speed internet ($70/month, and the $40 for YT TV). Reasonable, affordable, and it has NBC Sports Philadelphia.

  6. I only pay $40 for 100/100 internet, and I watch whatever I want. Tv, movies, sports, you name it.
    Kevin, you can get a Landline thru internet.

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