Saw this on Twitter a short time ago.

Apparently Comcast is going to make you pay more for a variety of things, sports included, beginning in 2019. I’m a FIOS customer with an equally expensive and bloated monthly bill, but I know a large majority of people in this region get their TV and internet via Comcast.

From an Ars Technica article:

Comcast is raising its controversial “Broadcast TV” and “Regional Sports Network” fees again on January 1, with the typical total price going from $14.50 to $18.25 a month.

The newly raised broadcast TV fee will be $10 a month, and the sports fee will be $8.25 a month, Cord Cutters News reported last week. The new fee sizes are confirmed in a Comcast price list for the Atlanta market.

The new price hikes will take effect in most of Comcast’s regional markets across the US on January 1, but some cities will get the increase later in 2019, a Comcast spokesperson told Ars. The fee sizes can vary by city based on which stations are available, so in some cases they could be less than $10 and $8.25, Comcast said.

Equipment fees are also increasing.

I don’t see anything in any article mentioning specific rate increases for Philadelphia, though the complication here has always been Comcast owning NBC Sports Philadelphia, which creates a funky conflict for non-Comcast people. I remember I couldn’t get the station formerly known as TCN in high definition as recently as four or five years ago. I had to watch Union games and some bumped Flyers and Sixers games in standard def on channel 80. Of course Comcast wants you to watch NBCSP through their cable service and has no real incentive to negotiate carriage fees in good faith with a competitor, right? It’s Comcast’s city, and we’re all living in it.

Something to keep an eye on here. I feel like I’m very close to joining the rest of y’all in cutting the cord.