After edging the Giants at home, the Eagles look to continue staying alive in the playoff hunt in primetime as they take on the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.

The Eagles are favored at -6, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: I have the feeling like this will be a blowout at home. The last time I thought that, the Cowboys stomped the Birds at home. I’ll make it close. Eagles 24, Redskins 20 (Redskins +6).

Jeff: Every time I think I’m out, they drag me back in. I’ll go all Price is Right on Kinkead’s ass and set my excitement level at a 2.3. But something tells me the Eagles actually show up tonight and win at least semi-convincingly. On a related note, I’m almost always wrong about this stuff. That said I’ll go with my gut–Bring on Dallas week. Eagles 28, Redskins 17 (Eagles -6).

Mike: ???

Tim: An enduring theme of this Eagles season has been false hope. This team has flirted with the playoffs, but we all know they are too flawed to make a championship run. The Redskins do what the Giants could not by taking advantage of a battered Eagles secondary. Wentz and the offense roll, but the defense struggles to get off the field. The game comes down to the final possession, and the Eagles’ playoff hopes survive for one more week. Eagles 26, Redskins 23 (Redskins +6).

Coggin: I can’t believe this team is still “in contention” for the NFC East. More surprisingly, I can’t believe they’re trying to wrest it away from noodle-armed Dak Prescott and the suddenly resurgent Dallas Cowboys. Either way, I see the Eagles delaying their execution for one more week and winning a close one against Colt “don’t call me Shady” McCoy and the Redskins. Eagles 24, Redskins 17 (Eagles -6).

Phil: Eagles prediction: I’m 5-0 ATS on Eagles games in their last five so I’d fade the living daylights out of this pick because regression is coming. That said, by all rights, this season should have ended last week, except the Giants are so awful that they managed to let the Eagles creep in through the back door and steal a win at home. But I don’t know why we should believe the last 30 minutes the Eagles have played rather than the 270, or 330, or 390 minutes they played before that.

There are a lot of people pinning their hopes on the fact that Colt McCoy is not a very good quarterback. Guess what? Alex Smith was not terrific either, but the Redskins were better than .500 with him — which is more than you can say for the team that has Carson Wentz.. The Eagles cannot count on another gift, and they won’t get it. And I’ll take the points, but I probably won’t need them. Redskins 23, Eagles 20 (Redskins +6).

Anthony: Somehow, this Eagles team hovering around .500 is still alive not only for the division title, but a wild card berth as well. Actually, considering the ease of the Dallas Cowboys remaining schedule compared to the Eagles, that wild card might be more attainable. Look, the Redskins are in trouble. They can’t move the ball on offense without a QB. They still have an OK defense and the Eagles offense is still a bit off-kilter, so there isn’t going to be a blowout here, but the Eagles, despite all of their injuries, are in better shape roster-wise than Washington is right now.

As such, expect the Eagles to be playing the Cowboys with major division ramifications on the line next week because I can’t see how the Redskins can muster enough offense to win what will be an ugly Monday Night game. I really like the under in this one. Eagles 19, Redskins 13 (push).

Bob: I have no feel for this Eagles team, so let me tell you what I know. Two of the Eagles’ three covers this season have come in prime time, but they are also 0-4 ATS after wins this season and have yet to win back to back games. The Eagles are also 0-6 this season against teams with defenses allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete at least 64% of their pass attempts. Seems strange, right? Can Doug Pederson resist the temptation of getting one-dimensional against a generous Washington pass defense? When he hasn’t, the Eagles have struggled, so balance will be key.

Maybe the Eagles finally pop off and cover a spread here, but I wouldn’t put my money on it. Still, I like the Eagles to keep things interesting and give the NFL and NBC a watchable football game next Sunday night in Dallas. Eagles 24, Redskins 20 (Redskins +6).

Russ: I have a feeling by the end of this game, we’re going to be asking ourselves why we stayed up. If the Eagles can’t beat Colt McCoy, they don’t deserve to make a run at the postseason. Eagles 27, Redskins 17 (Eagles -6).

Kevin: My excitement level for this game is something like a 2.4 out of 10. Eagles 24, Redskins 21 (Redskins +6).

Kyle: Eagles win solely because Washington is mediocre without a very good defense and missing their reasonable useful quarterback. And Doug Peterson coaches better at night. Eagles 22, Redskins 18 (Redskins +6).